Opportunity Servers

Models CPU Core(HT) GHz RAM HDD Monthly Fee  


Models CPU Core(HT) GHz RAM HDD Monthly Fee  

* In our data center, teamspeak, metin2, counter-strike and camfrog applications are not allowed.

General features

İstanbulDC’nin bu hizmeti, yapılandırılabilen, paylaşımsız ve kotasız internet erişimli (100 Mbit/s) son teknoloji ürünü sunuculardan oluşur. Oluşabilecek donanım problemlerine karşı tüm sunucular garanti kapsamındadır ve mesai saatleri içinde 4, mesai saatleri dışında 8 saat içinde garantili donanım değişikliği yapılabilmektedir.

1000 Mbit / s Internet with and without quota

All of the rented servers have 1000 Mbit / s internet access without sharing and quota.

Quick Setup & Delivery

Within 4 hours of the completion of the lease process, the servers are installed and delivered with IDRAC access.

Guaranteed Servers

All servers are warranted against hardware failures. After the diagnostic, the guaranteed hardware change is provided within 4 hours during working hours and within 8 hours outside the working hours.

Uninterrupted and Redundant Energy

All of the physical server cabinets are powered by a dual energy source, and all of the servers that support the dual energy source have a redundant energy infrastructure.

Standard Services

The following services are offered as standard on the Server Rental service.


  • Server hardware and installation to be placed in the cabinet
  • Definition of leased IP addresses to switches and routers
  • IDRAC server management interface setup, user identification with operator authorization
  • Installation of operating systems and software defined in the configuration pages and re-installation of up to 1 time per month
  • If the downloadable content of the operating system that is planned to be installed except the operating systems defined in SPLA and support.bgds.bg is provided by the customer, the related image should be written to the CD and connected to the server via CD-ROM.

DNS and Tracking

  • Traffic / bandwidth monitoring via Cacti panel
  • Premium DNS structure includes DNS creation and editing.
  • Performing RDNS (Reverse DNS) operations


  • Detection and resolution of hardware problems of the leased server, guaranteed hardware change within working hours 4, working hours within 8 hours.
  • Detection and resolution of server access and performance problems caused by BGDS TELECOM.
  • Determining and solving network problems caused by BGDS (Speed problems, packet loss, IP and gateway control)