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BGDS TELECOM Data Center has 4 data center rooms with a total area of ​​100 m2. Located in the village of Kapitan Andreevo in Bulgaria. The construction of BGDS TELEKOM was completed in 2018 and put into service in 2019.

BGDS TELECOM Internet infrastructure, which is located at a strategic point of the Internet, is directly connected to Internet Service Providers (ISP). Thanks to its location, BGDS is in a position which is very easily accessible from anywhere. BGDS TELECOM advanced security systems, fire alarm, fire fighting and smoke evacuation systems are under control 24 hours a day.


The power capacity of BGDS TELEKOM is 1 MW available (white areas, air conditioning infrastructures and office areas) and a total of 2 MW. The transformers of the BGDS TELECOM are connected to the medium voltage ring network and thus backed up by two-point supply.

The Synchronization Control Board automatically monitors power for transitions (generator-generator, transformer-transformer and generator-transformer) and automatically makes transitions in fault, low / insufficient voltage or frequency conditions. The UPS infrastructure is switched on during the transition to maximum 30 seconds and provides uninterrupted power. The battery pack of the UPS system is capable of supplying a minimum of 15 minutes.

Behind the one-to-one redundant and automatic switch-on transformer system, there are 2 110 kVA diesel generators ready and ready to generate power to the data center in the event of power failure.

In the data center UPS infrastructure;

2x80 kVA Modular UPS, (N+1)
2 different UPS systems are available. Data center areas, network infrastructure and A and B power lines for offices are provided with double feed. The power line A is supplied by groups 1 and 2, and the power line B is supplied by group 3 UPSs. In addition, office and network infrastructure is provided by group 5 UPSs, which are dedicated to these areas, providing a minimum of 120 minutes of power.

The power to the server cabinets is provided by the redundant busbar line. Busbar lines and cable-hardware chaos have been prevented and resistance to natural disasters has been ensured. Thanks to the busbar line, the technical problems can be more easily interrupted and the cooling system works more efficiently.

In addition to the redundant busbar line, the server cabins were backed up by two different PDUs (Power Destribution Unit) fed from two separate UPS groups.

Air conditioning

BGDS TELECOM Data Center air conditioning “free cooling conditioning technology is used. Ud Free cooling air air conditioning is an economical air conditioning method that makes it possible to use the low air temperature in the outdoor environment for cooling the used water. ”Free cooling“ infrastructure in the data center,

- 2 x 60000 BTU Air conditioning

- Precision air conditioning system for air circulation in the data center

The BGDS TELECOM Data Center has 120.000 BTU and 120.000 BTU cooling capacity. The entire air-conditioning infrastructure is designed with N + 1 redundancy.

Physical Security

BGDS TELECOM Data Center is monitored digitally and physically with cameras 24/7.

In the areas belonging to BGDS TELEKOM, customers are accompanied by Operations Center officials during their visits.

In addition to physical security measures, Honeywell air sampling smoke detectors are used in the fire detection system. In the fire prevention and extinguishing systems, there are Siemens and 3M Novec 1230 gas, FM200 gas and aerosol dust systems. Sensors with water and humidity controllers and office areas and data center are kept under control 24/7.