Founded in 1999 by Engin Rençber to provide individual and corporate web hosting, server leasing and server hosting service, İNTER NET COMPUTER TOURISM AND TRADE. LTD. Sti. In 2012, the first data center investment was realized by the Telecommunications Authority as a Location Provider. ISTANBULDC DATA CENTER LTD. Sti. in the data center sector by taking the title and continue to increase investment power. Istanbul DC, which adopts the principle of reliable and uninterrupted service with the motto of Maximum Uptime, completed its third generation data center investment in MetroCity AVM with a total capacity of 250 m² and 5,000 servers in 2015. With its 100% physical security, uninterrupted internet access, state-of-the-art technology and experienced technical team, it provides service to its customers 24/7.

General Information

BGDS TELEKOM provides data center services to approximately 500 people and institutions with a third generation data center with a total capacity of 1200 m² and a total area of ​​1200 m², located in the town of Kapitan Andreevo.

BGDS TELEKOM's Data Center Services


Colocation and Hardware Rental


Dedicated Server

Cloud Services

Cloud (ESXI,Proxmox)

Web Hosting

Web Hosting, Domain, SSL

Management Services

Server management, troubleshooting, security


Multi-location CDN service

BGDS TELECOM makes a difference with its advanced physical security, air conditioning infrastructure, redundant internet access and energy. BGDS TELEKOM's experienced technical team is at the service of its customers 7 days 24 hours, including public holidays. Today, thousands of critical applications for public and private sector organizations or individuals are housed in the BGDS TELECOM Data Center. With over 11 years of experience and full redundant infrastructure, BGDS TELEKOM is able to offer its customers an yedek uptime ı guarantee of 99.99% under the terms of SLA.

BGDS TELEKOM Quality Policy

BGDS TELEKOM is a pioneering technology company that aims to be one of the leading data center companies that develops rapidly and always gives priority to its customers in every condition. BGDS TELECOM EOOD. as,
To meet customer needs and expectations in the right way and in time by keeping ethical values ​​in the foreground,
To increase the efficiency of all processes to the level that can compete at international level in line with the continuous improvement approach,
To carry out trainings for the development of employees,
To control the efficiency of the Quality Management System with standards and legal regulations, to control with internal audits,
Being an organization that continuously learns with the contributions of its suppliers, business partners, customers and employees,
To act in partnership with all parties concerned,
and in order to fulfill all these requirements, it agrees and undertakes to comply with the Quality Management System requirements with the participation of employees and to continuously improve the efficiency of the system.

BGDS TELEKOM Information Security Policy

BGDS TELECOM EOOD. In order to manage our business continuity and any risks to our information assets;
To document and continuously improve the requirements of the Information Security Management System,
Manage risks to information assets,
In order to improve information security,
Comply with all legal regulations and agreements within the scope of information security,
To check the compliance of Information Security Management System with standards and legal regulations by internal audits,
In order to fulfill all these requirements, the employees agree to comply with the requirements of the Information Security Management System and continuously improve the efficiency of the system.